A Brace of perch for six pounds

Just before Christmas we had our first real cold spell of the winter and it started the night before one of the school outings I so enjoy. I took three young lads, all new to the sport, to fish on the main lake at Royal Berkshire Fisheries. As we were setting up on the west bank of lake one a chap approached me and asked if I would mind if he fished just behind us on lake two. I suggested that my group were more likely to cause him annoyance rather than the other way round but if he didn’t mind a little noise it was okay with us.

The fishing was hard due to the frost the previous night and instead of a bite every cast we had to settle for three fish all day.

This lad will remember his first fish – a two and a half pound perch.

two and a half pound perch

As I netted this fish I looked behind me to see that the considerate angler mentioned earlier was also playing his first fish of the day and he agreed to a group photo. His fish weighed three and a half pound so this brace totals six pounds – not something you see every day!

two and a half pound and three and a half pound perch