Another new centrepin…

It is a well established fact, handed down from generation to generation, that a man cannot have too many centrepins! But I must be coming close.

Yesterday I went to the Farnborough tackle sale just for a look round and to renew some aquaintences when on a stand manned by Angling and Outdoors I saw a centrepin reel called Ikonix.

Ikonix centrepin

This reel, as far I can tell, is the same as the Marco Cortesi Signature Centrepin reel which I had gone to the Dragon Carp Direct stand to see but was told they had sold out.

The Ikonix is a well made reel compared to some of the cheaper reels I have seen and when subjected to the pointless spin test (when does a reel need to be able to spin for such a long time in normal angling use?), it spun until I got bored with watching it. There was a little growling sound from the bearings but that did not seem to detract from the operation of the reel and I will certainly lose no sleep over it.

The reels is 4.25 inches in diameter and the spool is 3/4 in wide, it is certainly comparable with any of the Okuma centrepins I have handled but the price asked was £35.

Yes, I bought it. It will be ideal for my up and coming young river anglers and less of a worry for me than allowing them access to my children …er, I mean other reels.

I took it home and compared it with my favourite Bob James Lightweight and it was not ten times worse as the prices would suggest. I noticed that it was stated on the Ikonix box that the reel weighed 219 gms. I was horrified – the BJ reel weighs 218 gms and its main selling point is its lightness and this justifies it’s £350 RRP. However when I weighed the Ikonix it was actually 257 gms, naughty! But it is still lighter than the new Adcock and Stanton which I was told by the manufactures was 305 gms. and retails at nearly £400.

The weight of a reel is important, particulary for trotting, as the heavier the spool the more force it requires to start it turning and keep it in motion. This means that the less force needed the slower the current you can fish with a lighter float and the less inertia it has whilst in motion which can cause over runs.

All in all, well worth the £35 I paid for it, I can recommend it to any one considering taking up centrepin fishing. The guys on the stand tell me that they have lots more in the shop back in Watford.