Another River Fisherman

I mentioned Nicky in my last post and told how I had been forced to disappoint him by not taking him pike fishing, well, I decided to give him a taste of river fishing too.

On our next outing I took him to Twynersh Fishing Complex to fish the little river Bourne that flows through the complex. It is only twelve or thirteen feet wide at it’s widest and no more than three feet deep unless in full flood but it holds a good head of roach, dace and chub and has been known to produce the odd barbel. On the day it was quite low but still carrying a tinge of colour after the previous week’s rain but to my pleasant surprise the management of the fishery had done a lot of very sympathic bank clearnce and had opened up a lot more swims. Well done, Paul!

River bourne at twynersh

I set up a twelve foot through action rod and a centrepin loaded with three pound line (not a big fish venue when it’s not coloured), the float was a small wire stemmed stick and the hook a size eighteen. Whilst showing him how to set the tackle up I started feeding a few red maggots and a little hemp every couple of minutes or so. I then showed him how the float was set up and without bait on the hook demonstrated how to trot the float through the swim, increasing the depth each time until it just started to drag under with the current.

After a few practice runs we put on two red maggots and he started learning about float control and the vagaries of a centrepin with the line wound on backwards.

Nicky leaning about centrepins

Nicky leaning more about centrepins

He got in a few tangles but was soon catching fish, his first dace and his first gudgeon. We then moved downstream after our first swim died and he caught several good roach and this fine chub.

Nicky with fine chub

I think I have another confirmed river angler on my hands!