Apologies (again!)

It has been eight months since I have updated this blog and I have spent the last three of them trying to think up a plausible excuse.

Yes, I have been busy coaching four or five days most weeks and the occasional weekend too but I have now got another coach working with me and he has taken some of the pressure off. His name is Alwyn Royans (yes he is a little bit Welsh but only in his ancestry). Like me he is an ex copper – we worked together at Heathrow and Paddington many years ago. Take a look at his website. I am sure he will prove a real asset.

In the summer term I continued working with school groups of all ages, as can be seen from the school uniforms – could you put a price on those smiles?

Young lad with a tench

School group with carp

I also spent some time with older lads who had been with me before and were ready to learn more advanced methods, pole fishing in this case. I seem to remember that an element of heathy competition had crept in here!

Another school group

Everyone always catches fish, mostly tench and carp but sometimes students benefit from a change of quarry and whilst I don’t really like stillwater bream, they are easy to catch, make a good trophy shot and respond to different methods.

Jed with bream

I have also been working with father and son team Colin and Joe and they too have been bream fishing but they are more experienced and their quarry was larger.

Joe with bronze bream

Joe caught most fish at first with his Dad Colin fulfilling the role of spectator (but us Dads don’t mind that… MUCH!). He also caught this fine roach, all on banded pellet and a method feeder.

Joe with good roach

Colin came good at the finishing line with the best fish of the day.

Dad with best bream

Mostly my students want to catch carp and big ones too but it can be difficult to explain that to land a big carp they must improve their skills. The loss of their first big fish can be devastating for some youngsters so we work our way up the scale, gradually.

Jordan with carp

Josh bigger carp