Big Pike on the last day

Last week I picked up Nicky from his home to go fishing but there had been a hard frost the night before which had been thawed by a cold North Eastery wind carring a lot of drizzle. He wasn’t dressed for the cold or the rain as the outing had been arranged at very short notice. We decided that this was a good opportunity to do a much needed “reccy” to see what damage had been done to to the fisheries I use after the cold spell and to try and find him some pike fishing.

We spent the day driving around Berkshire, Surrey and parts of Buckinghamshire looking at various venues. If it was raining Nicky stayed in the car, if not we walked the waters together. We ended up on a fishery that used to be rented by the Metropolitan Police Angling Club which I hadn’t fished for twenty five years. It is now in private hands but day tickets are available. I hoped it still contained a few of the pike I used to fish for even though it was now stocked with carp. Enquiries with the bailiffs proved this might be the case so I promised Nicky I would take him there in two days time on our next scheduled outing.

The next day I took another student, Khurum, to the same venue as I had been promising him some pike fishing too. We legered sea fish deadbaits as they were the only type allowed. I selected a swim where I knew there was a deeper chanel caused by barges when it was still a working gravel pit many years ago and we put out two rods, one with half a mackerel and the other with a sardine. Both rods were only two and a quarter pounds test curve as I had picked the swim the day before and I knew long casting would not be necessary. Pike do not fight all that hard and the light rods meant that even small pike would give some sport. We sat and chatted while I explained the rigs and the basic principles of pike fishing.

At about mid morning the left hand bite alarm sounded, the half makerel had become something’s lunch. Khurum struck quickly on my instructions, I did not want a deep hooked fish. The light rod bent well and after a short fight a large pike rolled into the net, both Khurum and his key worker Theo were amazed. She was a short stocky fish who had been feeding well despite the bailiff’s assertion there were no silver fish left in the lake.

Khurum with 18lb 7oz pike

I later found out that this was the last day of the pike fishing season on this fishery so unfortunately I was unable to keep my pike fishing promise to Nicky. I will make it up to him later.

Khurum’s photo has since featured on Sky TV’s Tight Lines.