First year in Paradise

Well it’s been a whole year since we made the move to Paradise and that’s a lot of water that has flowed under a lot of bridges (did anyone else notice what a wet summer it was?). One of the advantages to living so central to so much good fishing is that we get a few guests to stay and one of those has been Martin James, an old friend of Gordon Scott, who I first met at a Barbel Society Conference about ten or more years ago, just before Gordon died.

Martin is an angling writer and broadcaster who travels all over the world. He is also a great angler but probably a greater raconteur and this last year I have been very lucky to have spent several evenings in his company, listening to his wonderful stories and experiences. He has met so many of the wonderful, old time, anglers who have had such an influence on my sport over the years and I never tire of his tales of such people as Richard Walker, Jack Hargreaves and Fred J Taylor.

Martin has been very supportive of the work I do with young people and was kind enough to interview me for his radio programme on BBC Radio Lancashire, you can listen to the interview until 7pm on Thursday 25th September after which I hope to have downloaded it to this post.

Go to the Radio Lancashire home page and click on the Listen Again button (top right) (this opens a popup window) then choose “At the Water’s Edge” from the “A-Z OF ALL SHOWS” listing. The interview starts at about 08:50.

When the programme has been replaced by next week’s, I’ll put the interview here for listening or downloading.