God, how I love Grayling!

This week I have have one of my students staying with me for half term. I’ve been coaching Tayler since he was seven and have become firm friends with his family. He has become an accomplished young angler and is very good company. On Monday, his first day, I took him on my first visit to the Lower Itchen Fishery this season. He fishes with a centrepin and can trot a float as well as many much older anglers.

I have mentioned in a previous post how the river suffered a disastrous fish kill a couple of summers ago and this year I was hoping to see a great improvement. I was not disappointed!

We split up after I had watched him catch his first fish, which he did about his third trot down.

Talker with Itchen grayling

You can see in the picture above that he even winds the line onto his reel backwards the same as I do.

Tayler trotting for Itchen grayling

We caught about forty grayling each during the day and both had at least one two pounder.

Me with 2lb grayling

Tayler with 2lb Itchen grayling

The river has improved greatly and although it is still not as good as it was a few years ago, we had a wonderful day.