More about floats

In my previous post I showed a picture of two sets of floats I bought on eBay and mentioned that I was ordering some more – well they’ve arrived! They are all fluted avons and the picture below will show how the body of the float is shaped to ride the current.

Body of largest of fluted avons

I had ordered two sets, the ones on the right of the picture have a half inch balsa body on a crow quill stem and take from 9AAA down to 11BB and the others are three eighths of an inch balsa bodies on cane stems and range from 9BB down to 5BB. I have calibrated and marked them myself as they come unmarked. (Actually, Jan marked them for me as I can’t write that small and neat.)

Two sets of hand made floats

I am really pleased with these floats (‘cos I’m a tackle tart) and I thought I would pass on my recommendation to you. I enjoy using these hand made floats because they are a little different. Although I would not call myself a traditionalist, my rods are carbon and not wood, my centrepins all have bearings and I don’t understand why anyone would pay to have a rod rest made out of built cane. Apologies if that is your thing.

Yes, I will agree they are a little too buoyant and take too much weight for most rivers but the guy that makes them tells me he does a whole range of hand made floats. (Something else to spend my money on!)

I have spoken to Stan Payne and he has given me permission to post his phone number here – 0121 3505637 – so if you are pleased by using something a little different from everyone else, give him a ring. The most expensive float he makes is only £1.40.

Part of my coaching is teaching knots and as some of the modern lines require special new knots I also show them to the more experienced anglers I meet. I have found a great website that shows videos of most fishing knots. I hope you find it useful.

STOP PRESS!!! The telephone number shown for Stan Payne has been revised due to a senior moment on my part, apologies for any inconvenience caused.