New addition to my toy box

I have never made a secret of the fact that I’m a tackle tart and although I have been lucky with some of my purchases on ebay, it is very satisfying to own something very special and personal.

I am always praising the quality of rods made on blanks from Harrison Advanced Rods of Liverpool and have been fortunate to find some real bargins second hand as I have mentioned on this blog. The thirteen foot spliced tip match rod I mentioned had a very scruffy cork handle and worn sliding reel fittings so I decided to have a screw on reel fitting fitted and the butt rebuilt when I had the time to organise it.

One of the other Harrison rods I found on eBay was the two pound test curve Torrix which I bought as a barbel flood rod but caught me my first catfish. I was so impressed with this rod that I decided to get a slightly lighter version for my normal barbel fishing.

To kill two birds with one stone I went to a rod builder I have used once before to re-ring another of my Harrison rods, Chris Ward. He is a craftsman of some distinction and I am more than pleased with the results.

Harrison Torrix barbel rod 1

Harrison Torrix barbel rod 2

Harrison Torrix barbel rod 3

This is my new toy, a 12 foot Harrison one and three quarter pound test curve Torrix, beautifully made and totally original.

Both rods were delivered just before the start of the river season and the busy coaching schedule that has enabled me to afford such luxuries has also denied me the chance to use either of them so far.