New fishery, new rules, whoops!

On Monday I took Josh to a fishery I had never fished before – Lizard Fishery at West Drayton is closer to Josh’s home than most of the venues I normally use. On our arrival we met the baillif and he briefed us on the myriad of rules and after catching a small carp on a waggler I opted for a method feeder with a small piece of luncheon meat on the hook, sweetcorn and boilies not being allowed.

Josh caught four decent carp in the next couple of hours and polished his fish playing skills.

Josh with common carp

Josh ghost carp

Josh fully scaled mirror carp

Josh personal best common
Josh’s biggest ever carp.

Then the baillif returned and said he had forgotten to tell us that both method feeders and groundbait were also forbidden and that this was not mentioned on the exhaustive list of banned baits and methods on the sign post in the car park…


As the old News of the World reporters used to do, “we made our excuses and left”. Josh had a great day and finally caught the carp that I had been promising him since we started fishing together. Job done!