New fishing programme on TV

At last a fishing programme by the same maker as A Passion For Angling has made it on to mainstream television. This morning at 7 am. Channel 4 broadcast Catching The Impossible.

This series of films is made by angler and wild life photographer Hugh Miles who fimed and directed A Passion For Angling, featuring Chris Yates and Bob James. It features well known actor and one time recording artist Bernard Cribbins, who did the narration for Passion For Angling and Martin Bowler, noted specimen angler. It took five years and nearly half a million pounds to produce and was turned down by the BBC because it showed “fish under stress” and therefore did not fit in with the Beatrix Potter image their management like to promote.

I have seen the entire series – I bought the boxed DVD set at the Carp Society Show at Sandown earlier this year and had a chance to have a short chat with Hugh who has long been one of my heros for his wild life documentary photography. He is also a fanatical angler with a great enthusiasm for roach fishing on rivers.

This series is even better than the classic Passion For Angling and will appeal to anglers and non anglers alike. It is a quality series not having been “dumbed down” for the mass audience like so many angling programmes and I will watch my copy again and again. I encourage you all to give up your Sunday morning lay in, go fishing a bit later or set your recorder to tape it. The series is being shown until the 1st August and if it gets enough viewers then perhaps it will encourage more stations to show it and more programmes to be made.

Let’s face it, there are one and a half million anglers in this country and most of them have a TV licence but the BBC turned it down and the best slot the other TV companies can manage is 7 am. on a Sunday morning when most anglers are out of the house…