New manufacturer’s web site

The interweb thingy has finally been validated by one of the leading names in angling! Peter Drennan (one of my all time heroes) has finally endorsed the whole sphere of electronic communications by launching his own company website, Drennan International.

This page will explain my enthusiasm for Peter and and his company. Whenever I see a new item in my local tackle shop with his name on it I always think “this must be good, what’s it for?” in that order! Mr Drennan doesn’t sell any rubbish and his new website maintains that standard.

I am an enthusiastic river angler (as some of you may know) and my favourite area of the website can be found under the articles section. Here you can find descriptions of various floats, their designs, evolutions and uses written by the man himself, who was part of that evolution and design process. Here is the man who wrote the book, produced, directed and starred in the film and designed and printed the T shirt!

This site is already top of my bookmark list, there is lots more content, including videos, so go on, have a browse.