Nice roach from Twynersh

Last week I had three courses, two with BSS Slough and one private course with Richard and his son Edmund. The venue was as usual the Match lake at Twynersh but as my normal swim was taken on the first day we tried the other end of the lake.

Not as many fish were caught but the roach that my students did catch were of a much better stamp, so we used that swim for the rest of the week.

On the Saturday course Edmund caught the first fish and gave his Dad a good ribbing as a result.

Edmund with nice roach

Richard soon caught up with this unorthordox specimen.

Richard with a fairly hooked iron bar

In the end Dad caught a real fish but not as big as his son’s.

Richard with a nice roach

Both are now hooked on angling but the lesson finished early at their request due to the cold. I am looking forward to seeing these two in the Spring.