Pike fishing with Steve Gray

I have written much here about the Pike handling courses I have been holding on the Predator Lake and now that my wrists are back to almost normal I decided that it was time to have a day’s pike fishing on this excellent venue.

As there is not much left of the fishing season I had to chooose a less than perfect day and after scanning various weather reports I decided on the last day of February as being the most promising. I was joined by Steve Gray from All Things Piscatorial, who is a very capable predator angler and a man I hope to be working with in the near future.

We met at the fishery at first light and were rewarded by one of nature’s finest sunrises.

sunrise on the predator lake

We set up in adjacent swims and sat together in the shelter of an umbrella to keep out of the wind. Both my rods were set up to leger dead baits and Steve did the same with one of his rods but chose to fish a drifter float on his second rod. I watched him fish the drifter float in very difficult conditions and learned a lot about this method. Just before lunch my left hand rod signalled a bite and the first fish of the day was mine. A chunky pike of about fifteen pounds, not big enough to be worth the stress to the fish of weighing it.

My first pike

Steve soon followed with a much smaller fish on his static dead bait rod.

Steve and small pike

We seemed to be experiencing all four seasons in one day as the weather went from warm to cold and windy with sleet and snow showers in twenty minute intervals.

About an hour before sunset Steve’s static dead bait rod again signalled a run and as soon as he struck into the fish we said in unison “looks like a better fish”. A sprited fight followed and the best fish of the day at 20lb 12 ozs. was soon on the unhooking mat. What a beautifully proportioned fish in excellent condition, a wonderful end to a very good day.

Steve's big pike