Pole fishing at Marsh Farm

I do not consider myself an expert pole angler but over the last year or so I have been learning how to pole fish in order to broaden my skills base and be able to teach others. After my recent successes at Marsh Farm I decided to take my pole there and practice on the tench and crucians. I have a Shimano Technium Competition 1250 and I am told it is a good pole at a reasonable price and as I have no intention of fishing matches, £200 is enough to spend.

On Thursday 21st July I arrived at Marsh Farm and trundled my trolley around the back of Richardson’s Lake to the swim I had fished last time, as I knew it was ideal for the pole. I caught a few small tench and crucians but pulled the hook out of some big fish after playing them for five or more seconds and I went home puzzled and disapointed. I asked several of my friends what I was doing wrong and received many differing answers, none of which seemed to be quite right. I knew it wasn’t the hook as I have every confidence in the Kamasan 611 and had even changed up to a size 14 and the elastic wasn’t too tight as this was the first thing I checked.

I mentioned the problem to Stuart at Davies Angling in Staines who is an excellent pole angler and he asked me what pole I was using. When I told him, he explained exactly what was wrong. The Shimano Technium is supplied with top two sections not top three like many other poles and this means that the elastic on my pole only went through two sections. Stuart demonstrated how with a bigger fish the short elastic soon loses it’s stretch under pressure and stiffens up enough to cause the hook to pull out.

I have ordered three number three sections from Dave Higham at Oham Lakes and I will run all my elastic through three sections and hopefully will have solved that particular problem. That is the wonder of this sport – it is so varied that there is always something new to learn and someone more experienced than you who can help you. That is what the PAA should really be for, not just training coaches.