Reward for Tayler

As part of the preparations for selling my house my tackle store and workshop needed to be tidied out and I asked my longest serving student Tayler Clark to help me. He has done so before and is a pleasure to work with and he left with a lot of tackle, the sort of stuff you don’t want to throw out due to sentimental reasons but never use anymore. I also promised him a day’s carp fishing, so a few days later I took him to Royal Berkshire Fisheries and whilst I float fished for some more big roach, he ledgered pellets for the carp. His casting is now so accurate that he was able to fish right up against an island and was catching fish all day.

Tayler with a common carp

Tayler with a mirror carp

I have also had a couple of days at Marsh Farm. The first day produced a couple of crucian carp to about two and a half pounds and three tench, the biggest being over six pounds.

Nice tench from Marsh Farm

The second day was a disaster, one decent bite from a good crucian which shed the hook and a few small rudd. That’s why we call it “fishing” and not “catching”.