Secret Surrey Lake reborn

I have mentioned in the past a lake in Surrey that used to be managed by a very good mate of mine, Weller of the yard. Les moved to Northumberland just before my move and I was surprised to be invited to a netting of the lake earlier this year. The netting failed to show any of the tench that used to attract me to the lake and I went home very disappointed and sure I would never go back

In June this year Les again invited me to fish the lake as he was “down south” visiting and he said that the anglers who had been fishing it for carp had been catching tench. It was too good an opportunity to miss and a chance to see Les again.

The lake had changed a lot having been landscaped and tidied up after a great deal of work had been done on the estate, but the tench were still there!

The lake in its new form

It was good to fish with Les again and a chance for me to experiment with my new paste which I call “surf and turf” being a mixture of luncheon meat and trout pellet. This is a very soft paste and the tench loved it but it requires some stiffening to keep it on the hook before I try it on the river.

As you will see from the picture below they were not huge tench but caught on a float and with a centrepin, half a dozen of these make a good day’s fishing.

First Tench from the lake

Small carp can also be fun on this tackle.

Best fish of the day