Silver fish from the Kennet

Following my last two days coaching when very few fish were caught I was in desperate need of a few fish for myself and a bit of tranquility. The Kennet is always the answer at such times and the main reason I belong to the Wasing Estate syndicate is to find this peaceful environment. Although the Kennet is a shadow of its former self at the moment I still love this river and often seek sanctuary on its banks.

So Wednesday found me on the Warren beat with my Drennan Super Stick float rod and trusty lightweight centrepin looking for the roach and dace. I had purchased a lot of cheap casters from Vince at Davies Angling and with about half a gallon of hemp I was able to feed heavily all day. A size 18 hook to a two pound hook link was suspended under a lighter avon style float than I would use in this swim for barbel and I proceeded to catch a fish every cast, all day.

Now I never use a keep net but had I done so this day I would have been unable to lift it up the high bank I was fishing from, it would have been so full of fish. I wish that some of the people who say there are no small fish in the Kennet could have seen all these fish. The biggest dace was about ten ounces and the roach were no bigger, but a wonderful day’s fishing.

I was embarassed once by a barbel of unknown size who intercepted my single caster fished off the bottom and proceeded to smash my two pound hook link on its way to the nearest snag. I was not after barbel that day, although they are probably my favourite fish. I needed to catch lots of fish, without any dramas, using the sort of finesse that comes with light trotting and that is just what I got.