Summer tench fishing

Once again a lot of water has flown under any number of bridges since I updated this blog and once again I have run out of excuses (to myself) for not posting, so here goes.

I usually start my spring campaign after crucian carp at Marsh Farm and this year was no exception but all I could catch was lots and lots of small to medium sized tench – not that this was much of a hardship, but I am still looking for my first four pound crucian.

In May I moved to Wylies Lake at Thatcham to continue my tench fishing and after a couple of medium sized tench over as many sessions I found myself in one of those early season tench fishing dilemmas, a swim like a washing up bowl, full of bubbles but unable to get a bite. I had started at Wylies with red maggots in a block end feeder fished as a bolt rig, with a short hook length and plastic maggots on the hook. This method had caught me most of my tench from Marsh Farm and is a good method of searching a water as it doesn’t involve ground bait which attracts the crayfish, I had also tried my favourite long rod and centrepin float fishing with a pole float and paste as bait. Both methods had already caught me a few tench at Wylies that season but everything failed to produce a bite on the day in question.

A fellow angler told me that everyone else had had the same problem that week so, in desperation, I replaced the ball of paste with a large lob worm on a size six hook. The rod I was using was a Harrison S/U stepped up float rod and a Grice and Youngs Avon Supreme that I had inherited from Roy loaded with eight pound line, I was fishing heavier than usual due to the heavy weed growth.

8lb 3oz Tench

The result was this beautiful tench at eight pound three ounces, my second best ever.