This is just the first step

In previous posts I have encouraged everyone to get behind the newly formed Angling Trust. Here is a link to one of their press releases.

Fish Legal, the legal arm of the newly-formed Angling Trust, has taken decisive action against a team of poachers operating in Eastern England. The poachers were found guilty but were fined just £60 and had their equipment confiscated. Fish Legal’s lawyers have threatened the poachers with an injunction to prevent them returning.

Angling Trust chief executive said: “one of the priorities of the Angling Trust is to fight for better protection of fish stocks from poachers and other illegal activity. This action should send a clear message to all poachers that we mean business and will use all legal means to prevent them damaging our members’ interests.” [Read more…]

See I told you, they’ve started already! If you haven’t joined yet, why not?

Note: Any comments about the nationality of the miscreants will be immediately deleted!

If you have a moment and want to stretch our new found muscles visit this link and sign the petition. Remember it might be your fishery next!