Winter and what a Winter!

The winter term started quietly enough if a little uneventfully except for a fine carp caught by this young lad on his first lesson. He caught it on a four meter whip without elastic and a two and a half pound hook length. He was just big enough to catch it but not quite big enough to lift it!

small lad big carp

Of course I look surprised, it should have broken his hook length with ease, it would have done if I’d hooked it in the last minutes of a match!

This time of year is my favourite for lure fishing for pike and a new student Nicky caught his first pike on a Shakespeare Big S plug from pit seven at Twynersh, shortly after the pike fishing season there opened. He is now a confirmed lure fisherman. Unfortunately the fishery then had a hammering and our next few sessions were blanks.

Nicky's first pike

In November I started taking him to Royal Berkshire Fishery in Windsor where he has caught a lot of fish on a waggler, including this fine one pound nine ounce roach.

Nicky's big roach

If I could catch roach like this from the river Kennet on a regular basis I would be a happy man.

Then it happened, the new ice age. The lakes were frozen for six weeks and it was too cold for the youngsters to sit by a river so I took them to the London Aquarium, Brooklands Museum and the Imperial War Museum.

At last it thawed and I was able to get Josh back on a river, this time the Thames at Windsor. This means repeated long feeder casts and then a wait watching a quivertip, not as stimulating as trotting a stick float on the Hampshire Avon but rewarding nevertheless.

Josh's big Thames chub

This chub weighed five pounds three ounces and I sent the picture to Tight Lines on Sky Sports where it featured as a runner up in the Young Angler of the Month competition. I understand that Josh will nevertheless get a small prize but my reward turned out to be greater. I had a telephone call from Mick Brais from Tight Lines asking me to do a piece to camera on fishing with a centrepin and Wallis casting on the kind recomendation of Keith Arthur, so on 24th February I met Andy Ford and a cameraman on the Lower Itchen Fishery for the filming. I was quite nervous as my last attempt at making a film with Weller of the Yard was a disaster. This time I was made to feel at ease and soon picked up the technique of talking to the camera.

The result was shown on Tight Lines on Friday 5th March and can be viewed here (you might get a short advert at the start).

If any one is interested in the reel I was using, I reviewed it here.